Secuda 6550 Baggage And Bag Search Detector

Since the Secuda 6550 xray baggage and bag search detector is produced with the latest technology, all images reflected on its screen are very high quality and clear. Thus, you can instantly detect all dangerous and explosive materials such as knives, pistols, bombs. The xray device that will allow you to eliminate all possible dangerous situations; video tapes, pregnant women, etc. does not harm. Their installation is also very simple and every end user who has a short training can use it safely. There are additional features that distinguish the Secuda 6550 xray device from other models. The first of these is that it works in harmony with the camera system. It offers a unique feature with its monitor, 4 cameras and DVR recording device. The person carrying the luggage with the first camera records the baggage left on the device with the second camera. The third camera records the baggage exiting the device and the fourth camera records the person taking the baggage. In this way, people with problematic luggage will not be able to deny that they are. Another plus feature is that it works with fingerprint. After the fingerprint is introduced, the person starting each task must have the fingerprint scanned. Thus, that security guard is held responsible for the baggage that has been passed until the session is opened and closed.

General Description Features

Tunnel Dimension: 650 mm width X 500 mm height

Conveyor Belt Speed:

Conveyor Belt with a speed of 0.2 m / sec . Maximum Load Carrying: 170 kg. can bear load.

Dose Per Examination: It has a dose of <1.4μGy / hour per examination.

Resolution: <0.0787 mm copper wire resolution.

Penetration Feature: It has 34 mm steel penetration feature.

Film Safety Features: Guaranteed ISO1600 film safety

strong> X-ray Leaks: Leaks <0.05 μGy / hour (5 cm from external body).

X-ray Generator Feature

Direct Production: Upstream.

Angle Generation: 60 degree angle

Anode Voltage Feature: 140 Kv voltage

Anode Power Feature: 0.4 mA power

Cooling / Work time (Duty cycle): Oil Cooling / 100%

Display System Features

X-ray Sensors: L-shaped photodiode array and 12bit depth, (multi-energy).

Screen Features: It has a high resolution, 19 inch color and LCD compatible screen.

Image Processing: Image lightening, image return, image recovery, darkening reduction, edge enhancement and image enhancement.

Image Grayness Level: 4096.

Maximum Resolution of Image: 1024 x 1280 pixel resolution

Image Processing : 24 bit real-time processing

Image Storages: 200,000 image storage capacity in real time

Zone - Zoom: It magnifies 2, 4, 8, 16 times. There are 1-9 image zones. Continuous observation is available on its full screen.

Data Setups

Çalışma Sıcaklık – Nem: 0 ℃ – 45 ℃ sıcaklıkta çalışabilir. / % 20 – 95 (yoğunlaşmayan) neme sahiptir.

Depolama Sıcaklık – Nem: -20 ℃ – 60 ℃ sıcaklıkta depolama yapabilir. / % 20 – 95 (yoğunlaşmayan) neme sahiptir.

Çalışma Güç Özellikleri: 220VAC (±% 10) 50 ± 3Hz güç özelliğine sahiptir.

Güç Tüketimleri: 1.0KW (maks.), 0.7KW (çalışıyor) tüketim

Gürültüsü: < 65 db. Gürültüye sahiptir.

Paket Boyutları

6550 Xray Paket Boyutu (cm): 218 (L) x 102 (W) x 142 (H)

6550 Xray Bilgisayar Paket Boyutu (cm): 133 (L) x 73 (W) x 78 (H)