Secuda SEC 850

Walk Through Metal Top Search Detector

Door Type Metal Search Device

The Secuda SEC 850 door-type metal body search detector enables the detection of metals on persons in a very fast and simple way. In addition to being simple to use, it is also easy to install. It has 33 scanning areas. Thanks to the scanning zones, it is possible to know where the metal is on the person. Moreover, it is resistant to fire and water. Thanks to its affordable price, you can buy it safely in every area.

Function Features

Protection: It is resistant to fire and water.

Accurate Position Feature: It is focused on receiving and transmitting to accurately locate metals. It has 33 overlapping sensing zones.

Microprocessor Technology: Flexible, stable, reliable sensitivity adjustment made with electromagnetic waves produced on the micro-computer controller.

Complex Circuit Designs: Effectively minimizing negligence and inaccuracies with infrared distribution and automatic identification feature.

Signal Technology (digital): It has excellent anti - electromagnetic interference capacity and digital signal processing filter system.

Sensitivity Setting:It has sensitivity settings from 0 to 255. It can be adjusted independently in each detection area. In addition, the general sensitivity setting can be adjusted.

Password Protection: Sensitivity and system parameters can only be changed when the correct password specified by the administrators is entered.

Modular Design Application: Efficient use, installation and easy transportation.

Weak Magnetic Field Emission Technology Features : It can be used by pregnant women, floppy disks, video tapes, pacemaker etc. It does not hurt. It complies with existing international safety standards.

Technical specifications

Operating Voltage Specifications : It has an operating voltage of AC 220 Volt 50/60 Hz.

Power: ≤ 35 Watt

Signal Frequencies: 6-9 KHz (adjustable) signal frequency

Operating Temperatures: Temperatures between -10 ℃ and + 50 ℃

Storage Temperatures: Temperatures between -25 ℃ and + 75 ℃

Gross Weight: 70 kilograms (carton package)

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 2225 mm x 860 mm x 560 mm.

Tunnel Dimensions: It has a size of 2000 mm x 700 mm x 530 mm.

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