Secuda SEC 650

Walk Through Metal Search Detector

The Secuda SEC 650 walk-through metal body search detector has 18 scanning zones. Thanks to the scanning zone, it is very easy to determine which areas the metals are located on people. It can be controlled by remote control. This detector, whose sensitivity can be adjusted, is resistant to fire and water. In this way, it can be used not only indoors but also outdoors. The number of people passing through the detector and how many times the detector alarmed can be displayed on their screens.

Technical specifications

The security level can be determined for weapons, knives, coins, belt buckles, coins, bombs, keys, knives and all other explosives.

It can give alarm to small metals when operated with high sensitivity.

It is remote controlled. Its settings can also be made by remote control.

The most suitable pass alarm can be set with different sensitivity levels.

It is resistant to fire and water.

The interference compensator will set the metal concentrations around it when first turned on, so it will not recognize them again.

It can show the number of people passing through and the number of alarms on the screen.

Provides the general international technical requirements of GB 15210-1994.

NILECJ-0601 personal safety and GB4793 basic safety standards.

The volume of the alarm sound can be adjusted.

There is a security password at the entry of the settings menu on the LCD screen.

When metal approaches, it will warn you by lighting up on its screen and sound. Metal detects its exact location on the left or right.

It can work smoothly at all temperatures between -20 degrees and +50 degrees.

It has 220V / 110V AC operating voltage and 50 / 60Hz frequency. Its power is 35VA.

Size: Approximately 2230mm x 820mm x 630mm.

Its weight is 65 kilograms.

Ten minutes is enough to uninstall or install.

Precise metal detection technology; It does not damage heartbeat, pregnant women, magnetic software, tapes or video tapes.

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