Secuda SEC 500

Door Detector

The Secuda SEC 500 walk-through metal body search detector has 18 scanning zones. Thanks to the scanning zones, it is possible to find out where the metal on the person passing through is located. Moreover, the detectors' screens indicate how many times an alarm has been triggered or how many people have passed. Thus, it is possible to know how many passes are made during the day. It has a very sensitive metal detection. Prices are also very affordable.

18 Zone Zone Door Detector Technical Specifications

It is possible to create different sensitivity settings. Thanks to its high sensitivity settings, they can detect even small metals.

Coins, belt buckles, knives, keys, weapons, explosives, coins, etc. Different sensitivity settings can be made for

Settings can be made quickly using the remote control.

It has 18 scanning areas.

It is resistant to water and fire.

The sound levels of the alarm on metals can be adjusted.

There is a password in the setting entries in order to make the settings. It is not possible to play with the settings without knowing the password.

It can work smoothly at all temperatures between -20 degrees and +70 degrees.

It can work between <95% humidity values.

It has a power consumption of 35 volts and a frequency of 50 - 60 Hz.

The interference compensator sets the metal concentrations around it when the detector is first turned on, and they will not recognize that metal again.

It is possible to see how many times the alarm has been triggered on the detector screen and how many people have passed.

It complies with the general international technical requirements of GB 15210-1994 and is in NILECJ-0601 Personal security standards and complies with the basic security principle of GB4793.

When any metal is approached, it alarms with light and sound. It can be determined exactly whether the metal is on the right or on the left.

This detector, which makes a highly sensitive metal detection; It will not harm pregnant women, video tapes, heart rate and magnetic software.

Only 10 minutes will be enough to remove or install.