Secuda SEC 200

Metal Door Detector

Secuda SEC 200 metal body search detector is the detector used to detect metal objects. This detector, which has the world's most advanced digital metal detection, has a wide range of uses. Offering 100% security, this detector can give both light and audible warnings at the same time. It can continue to work 24/7 without any hesitation. Moreover, it has a superior anti-interference feature. This detector, with which you can adjust the sensitivity as you wish, allows you to detect even very small metals. Detection area is 100 sensitivity. You can adjust it between 0 and 99 as you wish. In addition to these, metal objects can be detected according to their location and their location can be determined. It is divided into 6 common, ie overlapping detection areas. Airports, public institutions and organizations, It can be used in many different areas such as municipalities, plazas and military. This detector can use the ultra-large LED and LCD display simultaneously with optical alarm and acoustics. The opposite properties of the input are also realized thanks to the combined use of left and right, analog and digital technology. A short time like 10 minutes will be enough to install and uninstall.

Secuda SEC 200 Door Detector Technical Specifications

Function Features: It has 100 degree angle sensitivity. Thus, it will be able to meet a variety of many situation requirements.

Percentage Passing : It has a frequency of 50-60Hz. It can work with 100 volts AC or 220 volts AC.

Electricity Source: Above 60 at the same minute and time.

Power Consumption: <= 30 watts.

Working Environment Temperature: Temperatures between -20 degrees and +45 degrees. /% <= 95 Rh

Packaged Size: 2200 mm x 800 mm x 500 mm (Height mm x Width mm x Depth mm)

Dimensions: 2200 mm x 700 mm x 500 mm (Height mm x Width mm x Depth mm)

Weight: Approximately It has a weight of 92 kilograms.

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