Secuda SEC 100

Walk Through Metal Detector

The Secuda SEC 100 walk-through metal body search detector can instantly detect all small and large metals. You can also adjust the metal density and metal size of this detector. All sharp, piercing and explosive substances on persons can be detected instantly. Moreover, the screens show how many times an alarm has been triggered and how many times the detector has been switched. It will take as little as 10 minutes to set it up. You can call to buy with an affordable price guarantee.

Door Detector Specifications

They can detect small metals when working with high sensitivity.

They have 90 different sensitivity levels. The most appropriate pass alarm can also be set this way.

It has adjustable metal density and meta size.

The screen can be shown how many people have passed and how many times the alarm has sounded.

When any metal is detected, it gives an audible warning by turning on light.

Setup password is 4 digits.

It works with a frequency of 50 - 60 Hz and 220 volts.

It can work smoothly at all temperatures between -20 degrees and +50 degrees.

It has dimensions of 2230 mm x 830 mm x 500 mm.

When packed, it has dimensions of 2300 mm x 510 mm x 230 mm. The head with the electronics is 780 mm x 480 mm x 270 mm.

It is 67 kilograms.

They do not harm heartbeats, pregnant women, magnetic software, video tapes.

Only 10 minutes is enough to remove and install.

Turkish and English operating instructions can be supplied with the detector.

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