LTOP 201

Optical Turnstile 22″ Passage Width with Waist High Sliding Glass Barriers

This optical turnstile is suited to spaces like banks or corporate headquarters where aesthetic excellence is a priority for visitors. Optical Turnstiles offer architects and interior designers many options to customize and create a rich and opulent look.

Features & Benefits


TANSA optical turnstiles integrate with most card-readers and access control systems available on the market today.


Thanks to its onboard sensors, top-quality electromechanical components and well-tested design,

this TANSA turnstile provides reliable access control with low-maintenance.


Built-in sensors detect attempts at unauthorized access and prevent tailgating by alerting security.


Depending on customer requirements, this model can have optional warning signs or logos etched on the glass barrier wing for increased security and enhanced visual appeal.


The audible alarm can be configured by the client. There is even the option to upload specific sound files to create a truly unique and customized access control system.


Clients can specify the exact barrier height and width they need.

The available options are Low, Medium or Tall for height; and 22” or 36” for width. The wider turnstiles are wheelchair-friendly and provide excellent access for users with special needs.


Clients can mix and match optical turnstiles with other turnstile models, like swing gates. Custom-order finishes and styles are available to create a perfect solution for all unique access control needs.


A optical turnstiles are a specialized solution. That’s why TANSA maintains a team of knowledgeable customer service staff ready to answer all your questions. To make sure that your optical turnstile selection fits your installation perfectly and solves your specific access problem, we provide the right consultation and technical specs for your unqualified success. Please check our web site for additional help and resources.

This turnstile allows free exit out of the site or the building in case of a power failure, a feature mandated by law. If the client wants the turnstiles to remain locked during an emergency, such functionality can be provided as an option, contingent upon the written request of the client. However, once set at the factory, the system then cannot be switched back to the emergency-exit state by the client and it remains locked during all subsequent power failures.

This model is ideal for both unidirectional and bidirectional passage which can be free or access-controlled. Even though access in both directions can be controlled by a card-reader, authorized security personnel of the client can override that setting for card-free access during certain times of the day.

For emergency situations like fire or earthquake that necessitate rapid evacuation, this model opens the obstacle wings when it receives a signal from the earthquake detection system. That ensures quick and safe exit from the building or the site. In a similar manner, the wing obstacle opens automatically with one push of a button during protocol events to allow unimpeded access for VIPs and special guests.

The access direction of the turnstile for both entries and exits is determined by internal sensors.

The sensors close the wing obstacle during unauthorized access attempts; it alerts security by sounding an alarm. If the sudden closure presents a danger to anybody including those attempting to enter illegally, then the wing will not close but the alarm continues to sound.

Technical Specs

MATERIAL: 304 quality stainless steel (EN 10082-2Grade 1G/2G) top platform. Optional marble, granite or woodwork top platform.

WING: Plexiglass

MECHANISM: Works with all readers and access control systems

ELECTRONICS: Microprocessor controlled electronic circuits

POWER SUPPLY: 110 VAC, 3W minimum (at standby), 50W max.

INTERNAL VOLTAGE: All internal circuits are designed for 24 Vdc for security reasons.

POWER LOSS: In the case of a power loss, the gate assumes an open or closed position, depending on the user setting. In emergencies, the gate opens automatically.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Operational temperature range: 14 / 131 °F (-10 / +55°C) Transportation and storage temperature range: -13 / 131 °F (-25 / +55°C)

SPEED Opens in 1 second. Closes in 1 second.


TTA-201-LWL West Hight Sliding

Glass Model Stainless Steel Top Panel, Plexiglass Side Panels Stainless Steel Top and Side PanelLeft hand cabinetTTA-201-RWLRight hand cabinetTTA-201-CWLCenter cabinetTTA-201-LWSLeft hand cabinetTTA-201-RWSRight hand cabinetTTA-201-CWSCenter cabinet


We provide a wide range of models which are available with different finishes and options to serve your needs. Please consult our web site for the available options.

TTA-ST Granite, Marble, Traverten Top Panel (upgrade)

TTA-WT Wooden Top Panel (upgrade)

TTA-VC Visitor Card Collector (option)

TTA-RI Card Reader Inlay (option)