Tripod Turnstiles ARM - 303 J

Product Description

Tripod Turnstiles are designed and manufactured in accordance with internal and external spaces and can be used in different structures and purposes.

Company Headquarters, Plazas, Factories, Schools, Gyms, Housing Projects

is used in a way that is practically practiced.

tripod turnstiles designed for the purpose of the customer's use with different technical configuration and hardware options

According to the demand of the customers, special production is carried out.


Operation Works in both directions for entry and exit

Aisi Frame 304 rated quality stainless steel.

Features Bi-directional Access information monitored by electronic microprocessor, adjustable opening and closing intervals, configured via electronic card, faster pass-trough possibility thanks to the memory mode

Power Supply 220 V (AC) 60 Hz

Environmental Specs 14F / 122F (-20 / +50 C°) temperature range.Can operate even in -40 C° with termostat-equipped external heater.

Transition Speed 25 persons / min

Weight 37 Kg

Product Certificates Turkish Goods Certificate

Quality Certificates ISO (20000-1:2011, 9001:2015,10002:2018, 14001:2015), OHSAS (18001:2007)