Valet Parking System

Product Description

Arma Kontrol Parking Valet Systems are one of the most convenient parking systems that are desktop-operated but can also be mobile-operated if so wished.

The system works in connection with a computer; a ticket is issued by an authorized person from the ticket machine connected to the computer. The ticket contains date and time, the coded barcode and company information. Optionally, the ticket may also contain information regarding the owner of the vehicle.

The system works in the following manner:

Upon handing over their car to the valet, customers take their ticket; and later on present this ticket to the authorized person at the payment point while taking back their car. The duration of parking is automatically calculated and displayed on the screen.

The system operators can regain from the system such information as the number of entries to/exits from the car park, end of day cash register readings, etc., and can receive at least one-year reports retrospectively.

Optionally, the system can be connected to the cash register and a hand terminal