UBio-X Pro 2

Nitgen UBio-X Pro 2 one of the powerful biometric device in the world.

A new face Access Control and time attendance device, which recognizes faces at a distance up to 3 meters.

A high-performance algorithm provides the fastest matching speed at 20,000 face templates within 1sec.

High definition camera provides fast, accurate face authentication function under the brightest light up to 25,000 lux.

UBio-X Pro2 prevents unauthorized users from trying to authenticate with a 3D mask, photo, or cut-out photo.

High speed in faces recognition and fingerprint matching.

Easy face enrollment by using a camera or uploading an existing photo.

face time and attendance device, which patented fake fingerprint detection.

Visible light technology, with IR technology.

High ambient light conditions, illuminance up to 25,000