UBio-X Pro

Nitgen UBio-X Pro is built to live up to its name and perform like a pro even in challenging conditions. It took just right ingredients to make UBio-X pro a real performer. Be it Nitgen’s latest face recognition algorithm or the highly accurate

dual camera system, UBio-X Pro is one of the highly versatile face + fingerprint recognition terminals around.

This smart access control system is equipped with the world’s highest performance face recognition algorithm, backed by a high definition dual camera system to provide fastest matching speed while keeping up with performance part.

Equipped with a powerful quad core processor and 2 GB RAM, UBio-X Pro can match 150,000 face templates in 1 second. Fast processing, however, is not the only highlight of its facial recognition ability; Nitgen’s face authentication algorithm can recognize faces without compromising accuracy even in challenging lighting conditions.

No matter how complex your access control or time and attendance requirements are, Nitgen UBio-X Pro can handle them effortlessly