With capacity to manage up to 200,000 users, AC-1100 is bluetooth enabled and has a VGA camera for image logging (15 000 Image Log), and effectively stores up to 1,000,000 Event Log.

The reader comes with a 4in screen for easy GUI. The AC-1100 can be configured with an VoIP capability.

The card terminal uses Weigand I/O and is installed with an OSDP RS485 for communication and optionally available with wi-fi configuration.

The AC-1100 provides convenient access control using Bluetooth credentials on mobile phones, which can be used for Time & Attendance management.

The Bluetooth credentialing can be done using UNIS-B App (for administration) and V-CARD App (for mobile key users).

The AC-1100 can be easily connected to a network or server using TCP/IP connection or using a USB cable. Order AC-1100 in the middle east from Stebilex Systems to avail great prices and quick delivery.